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About My Greek Drama.

My Greek Drama is a book published by one of the world-renowned authors Gianna Angelopoulos. Her prior works have earned her a lot of awards and recognition.

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About Gianna Angelopoulos

My Greek Drama is a book published by one of the world-renowned authors Gianna Angelopoulos. Her prior works have earned her a lot of awards and recognition.


Gianna Angelopoulos is a force of nature, both in life and in this book.


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The main reason is definitely the author. Gianna’s books are considered to be of unparalleled quality. The unique style of writing and conveying the story has made her exceptional in every aspect.

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How to lose belly weight and gain your health

Belly fat is an annoying problem for many people. It can affect many sides of your life. The negative impacts of belly fat go beyond physical appearance. Although, many people don’t prefer to have their bellies coming out, still this problem is widespread across the world. Extra belly fat is a serious matter that can be life threatening in some cases. There are numerous factors that can make your belly store excess fats. Some of them are genetics, while others are man-made. You can check this website out to get more info on belly fat
  • Definition of belly fat
Belly fat is the fat that gathers in the stomach and abdomen areas. This fat can surround the organs or accumulate under the skin. The fat that surrounds the muscles and organs is known as visceral. The fat that gets stored directly under the skin is known as subcutaneous. Belly fat is very dangerous. Visceral is the most dangerous one of all. It is responsible for serious health issues and problems. Being overweight is the first and most indicating signs of having belly fat. You can also get more accurate knowledge when you measure the fat level with a measuring tape.
  • How dangerous can belly fat be
Belly fat with both its types can lead to serious health complications. These complications include high levels of blood pressure, cardiovascular illnesses, type 2 diabetes and breathing problems such as asthma. Many studies are linking between belly fats and certain cancers such as bowel cancer and colon cancer. Certain types of dementia and brain disorders such as Alzheimer are also connected to obesity.
  • Why does your belly have excess fats?
Many reasons will give you excess belly fat. You can be on a bad and an unhealthy diet. Intake of loads of processed foods and sugary desserts plays its role too. Also, bad habits in your life such as alcohol may affect the accumulation of belly fats. Here are some the contributing factors to belly fat problem:
  • Lack of physical exercise
Lack of physical workout is like a ticket for belly fats to accumulate and surround your organs. Many people are losing count of calories they consume. This can let more calories than they need inside their bodies. When you don’t exercise, your body will convert the additional calories into fats. Being inactive is not a good thing to do if you want to reduce your overall body fat, especially in the stomach area. You can get some inspiration to work out from this website
  • Genetic reasons
There are many scientific studies linking between belly fat and genes. Your genes can be somehow responsible for shaping your body and the fat distribution. Your genes will also play a role in your body metabolism.
  • Bad habits
Smoking and drinking alcohol are not good habits. Getting rid of such habits will help you lead a healthy life. Smoking is a major contributor to storing fats in the abdomen. Many studies have compared between smokers and non-smokers in belly fat. The results confirmed that smokers tend to have higher amounts of belly fats than non-smokers. The same thing applies to alcohol drinkers. If you want to get things back under control, you should consider quitting or at least reducing your consumption.
  • Insufficient sunlight
Sunlight is free and as long as we are in summer, you can have it. You shouldn’t deprive your body from this natural light. It will negatively impact your metabolism.
  • Ways to control belly fat
There is no single key that will lead you to success in losing belly fat. It can be a result of various factors. So, you can make things work when you commit to a better lifestyle. Here are some of the major factors in reducing belly fat:
  • Become more relaxed
Stress can make changes to your body. It can make your body hormones and chemicals work improperly. It will make your appetite bigger. You will crave more food than usual. There is no other way than dealing with your levels of stress and tension. You can go for relaxing techniques such as listening to soothing music or trying some yoga. Meditation is also useful in reducing cortisol levels.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight
Sunlight is able to help your health in many levels. It is a natural source of vitamin D. Many studies are linking between sunlight exposure and improved metabolism. Enhancing the metabolism is essential for weight loss and get rid of excess belly fat. Many scientific researchers are indicating the importance of natural sunlight exposure in reducing the influence of PCOS as well. Many reports are linking between sun exposures and shrinking of fat tissues. All this and more you can have by spending some time under the sun. You can work out when the sun is up. It will be a good way to increase the benefit of both sunlight and physical exercise.
  • Count your calories
This is a useful way to be in control of your body weight. You need to make serious changes in what you eat. It is also important to know exactly the calories count in everything you consume. This way you won’t consume more than what your body needs. Getting an idea on the calorie count is possible and easy. A simple online search can help. You should also know that there are certain foods with low calories. These foods can also increase your metabolism rates. These foods contain high levels of protein. Taking a look at this site will help you in making changes in your life

Questions You Should Ask Before You Buy Kratom

Before you purchase kratom, you will need to get more info on and know things to consider. The extracts from kratom leaves can be used in alternative medicine for the treatment of pain which is chronic plus other conditions. There are also people who use kratom to be able to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression. Although there are those who claim that there are certain strains of kratom, able to alleviate symptoms, there is a need for more research on these. When wanting more info on concerning kratom, you will come to learn that, FDA has not approved it for usage to treat anxiety and depression. Mostly, it is considered a dietary supplement. So if you are thinking of using it to treat anxiety or depression symptoms, then you have to use it cautiously. Read on to learn what questions and answers you need to know before buying kratom, its potential risks, and benefits. How does it work for anxiety and depression?
  • Technically, kratom is not an opioid but has the same effect which is similar to those in opioids such as codeine and morphine.
  • The ingredient which is active in kratom is mitragynine which binds to opioid receptors found in the brain and in the process, relieve pain.
  • This could be the action which is behind anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects which are reported by some users of kratom.
  • There is little research to back this out and also the effect of kratom on moods
  • Some reviews show that there are users who claim to have enhanced their moods and gotten rid of anxiety by using kratom.
  • According to researches carried out, kratom can be used as a sedative. It is not yet clear whether sedation effects of the kratomcan interfere with the purported pros.
What are the purported benefits of kratom? Apart from being claimed by reviews that it helps in clearing anxiety and depression, kratom is believed to treat the following:
  • Diarrhea
  • Pain
  • Post-trauma stress disorder
  • Muscle aches
  • Opioid addiction and withdrawal
  • High blood pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite suppressor
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immune-enhancing properties
What is Kratom? This is a tree which is found in southeast parts of Asia which include Malaysia and Thailand. Its active ingredient is mitragynine which is available in its leaves. When used in lower doses, the ingredient has energizing effects. When utilized in dosages which are higher, then it will act as a sedative. Other names given to kratom include:
  • Thang
  • Biak
  • Thon
  • Kakum/kakuam
  • Ketum
There are many countries around the world where kratom is illegal including Thailand, Australia, and Denmark. Although in the USA kratom is legal, there have been efforts to limit its availability and at the same time, for the substance to be regulated. Is it safe to ingest kratom, and how is it used? Kratom can easily be ingested in various forms which include:
  • Gums
  • Extracts
  • Capsules
  • Tinctures
  • Tablets
In some instances, some users just chew the raw leaves dried or fresh or they boil it and take it as a type of tea. It is also possible to dry the leaves and then ground them into a powder and ingest it. You can vaporize or smoke kratom though this is a method which is rarely used. The effect of the kratom in your system might be affected by the way you ingest it. At the moment, there are no researches which have identified the best method to treat anxiety and depression using kratom. Is Kratom available in different strains? The various types of kratom are referred to as strains. Most of the strains available derive their names from their place of origin. Each strain has its own effects on the user. At the moment, there is no research which has been done on the various types of kratom. Based on anecdotal reports, the following are some of the descriptions of the available strains of kratom in the market.
  • Maeng da: They are purported to be the long lasting and strong types of kratom. Its origin is believed to be in Thailand but you will be able to get the Malaysian and Indonesian Maeng da in the market. It can be white, red or green in color. It is believed to act as a stimulant which increases energy while at the same time, inducing a feeling of reducing pain and well-being. There are those who report that they feel like talking a lot after using maeng da.
  • Indo: It comes from Indonesia and it is in white, red, and green colors. It is considered to be less stimulating than the other strains even though some type of strain is known to have a mild energizing effect. They are strains which are known for relieving pain, increasing relaxation, and promoting a feeling of well-being. They are believed to help with anxiety.
  • Bali/red vein: It originates from Indonesia and normally red in color. It is believed to offer pain relieving effect. Those who have used it say it is the strain which is more opioid-like among the rest. It could help in relieving pain in cases of chronic pain or depression.
  • Green Malay: It is a strain which comes from Malaysia and dark green in color. When consumed in low dosages, it is believed to provide energy and focus as well as relieve pain. In high dosages, it is believed to be more of a sedative. It is believed to help with anxiety.

Exhilarating places to visit with the girl’s gang

To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice. Investment in travel is investment in self promotion. It lightens up the mood and helps to overcome any tough situation of life. One has to use even the tiniest chance to pack their bags and take a break as some things happen only once. Travelling always opens up the heart, broadens the mind and fills the life with stories. The most important thing in life is to be happy! To make life enriched with happiness, one has to travel to the best place. Here are some tips to select the best place when one plans a trip with her girls gang. Rio de Janerio The city is hugged by thick forest. The beaches have fine golden sands that are rare and also open air bars at night. The beaches have continuous waves all 365 days of the year which makes it ideal for surfing. If one likes to party, they should not miss the unbeatable Samba night life here. Travellers can definitely catch the remarkable view of the Christ, The Redeemer at the top of Sugarloaf Mountains. Mount Roraima It is a tabletop mountain at an elevation of 2,810 metres. It is the place where the borders of Brazil and Guyana meet Venezuela. However, one can climb the mountain only from Venezuela. It is known for its Canaima National park which has geologic information that is 2 billion years old. It rains every day in the mountain. So prepare accordingly if there is plan of trekking. The plateau is also home to very rare species of plants in the world. To plan a trip to Mount Roraima visit ct website. Merida Cable car Merida Cable car in Venezuela is the world’s longest cable car. It is called the Teleferico. It is almost 12 km long and is more than 4700 metres high. It is definitely a thrilling experience to just watch the trenches at such great height with higher mountains standing all sides. The car makes stops for the visitors to get down in the middle for trekking and simply to get mesmerised with the view. December to February is the best time to ride as there is less fog. Choroni Choroni is the best Caribbean beaches in Venezuela. The town sits on waters with the most beautiful colonial houses. One can hire a boat to enjoy the greenery and the old houses. The place is filled with birds, plants and cloudy forests. The Henri Pittier ANtional Park offers trekking for the visitors to enjoy the greenery. Buzlos It is very close to the Rio city. It is full of luxury hotels and spa. There are about 20 beaches. The beaches are good spots for snorkelling, surfing and swimming. The night life of Buzlos should never be missed. There are bars with great and loud music on the beaches. The place is best suited for activities and relaxation. Ambergris Caye, Brazil The temperature here is comparatively high reaching 80 degree Fahrenheit. However, it is worth to just admire the beautiful blue Caribbean waters with a cocktail in hand to beat the heat. Activities like sailing, diving, windsurfing, fishing, diving is common. The sea is calm with fewer waves. Seafood here is a must to try. There are many resorts on the beaches. They offer good massage on the beach side. Sao Paulo of Brazil It is the largest city of Brazil. It is filled with skyscrapers. The city has largest Japan community living here. The Sao Paulo Cathedral is one of the largest churches of the world. It can accommodate more than 80,000 people. Apart from churches the city has football museum, art galleries and boasts the rich culture of America. It is well suited for a group that has love for art and culture. Stuff the gift of eyes with the wonders on the earth, live as if death is 10 seconds away, the world is fantastic than any dream made. Los Rosques It is a national park in Venezuela and the largest in the Caribbean sea. It was created in 1972. The most untouched coral reefs add to the beauty of the park. The corals are of various colours from bluish green to blue and many more. The water is clear. The sand is white in colour which crowns the beaches with bequest of splendour. The place is ideal for sailing, fishing, diving, and snorkelling. Angel Falls The magnanimous Angel falls of Venezuela is the highest falls in the world. It is 978 metres tall. It is locates on the Gauja river. The falls was first called the Kerepakupai Vena, the “fall from the highest point”. Later it was renamed as Angel falls to honour the aviator Jimmie Angel who was the first to fly over the falls. Los Llanos It is a vast grassland between Venezuela and Colombia. The Orinoco River runs through the grassland bordering the 2 countries. It floods during the rainy season which is May to October. Therefore it is not advisable to plan a trekking trip during these months. However during this season, it turns into a birdwatcher’s paradise. Besides crocodiles, the grasslands also have anacondas, jaguars and caimans. To learn more and plan a trip visit ct website. Isla Margarita It is the largest island in the northern coast of Venezuela. There are around 50 beaches. Kite – surfing is one of the most popular activities here. As the port here is duty free the place is always crowded by the citizens from various parts of the country.

Gastronomic parties are you crazy?

Gastronomic parties are the ones with the highest acceptance and recognition rate. Why? Well, because an ancestral need satisfies us, although we have developed a lot, eating, we still like everyone, ABOVE anything so, if there is food in the middle, we already have media. What is left now? Well, the steps to follow, for these events you must have 3 very different phases. Pre-During-Post EVENT. There are lots of people who are looking to give unique gifts and are looking for some good options, basically a store which can really give them a good time. Also, give them all this at a very good price and one such god store is a stone foot. This is something that is very popular and has everything which one may need to do a party. There are many stores but they may not be in your budget and if that is the case then you need something which is giving good pricing and quick delivery. At times you need thing quickly to organize a party and this store also has all the gifts too. PRE This is the beginning. If correct planning is not achieved, the following steps cannot be executed well. It is a very important thing that you plan the party well and once that is done, then things are much easier and that will make things much simpler. Keep this in mind that birthday is something that is really important in one’s life and one needs to make it special and how that can happen, it can happen with good planning and that can make things very special for the person. One good store like a stone foot can really give you a very good time making use of this. This store has got lots of offers going on and that can give you very good pricing and has so much variety and that you can get for a very good price from the comfort of your home. Also, all this comes at a value for money and that makes is a good choice.
  • The type of gastronomic event: If you want to know what type there is, I propose several ways to celebrate a gastronomic party to give more pleasure to the guests. The type of food and dishes to choose (choose the food of a country), or you can make combinations of gastronomy, this is called gastronomic route or gastronomic tour. You can really have a good time by having a unique party which will be with very good gifting options in terms of return gift and also a gift which is for the person whose birthday is going to be there and there is a good store called stone foot..
  • The localization: If you are going to do it in your place, or at your house. Well, the location also depends on your budget and based on your budget you can go in for something. One good store can let you get all the material for a good price is a stone foot. This is one of the best stores you can find online and will give you a very good price.
  • The dates and times: You must be a strategist here because it is very important that it does not coincide with large celebrations so as not to lose the target audience. This is something one needs to keep in mind if they want good attendance and should be planned well.
  • The target audience: Determine who to invite, who you want to reach with this event, and begin to determine ranges of age, gender, tastes, preferences, etc.
  • Establish goals: Do not do things to do, it is important to know what party to do, how much you are going to invest, etc.
  • Start to communicate now: When you have the place and the dates you must fire the communication. Establish what are the communication channels, and work them while the event takes shape.
  •  Leave room for unforeseen events: An event will always have unforeseen events. So do an exercise and get ahead. For example, if it is an American style barbecue, do not forget to give some vegetarian/vegan option for those who do not eat meat. They all have a place in your event, and you will also look great.
DURING This is where you must give everything. Present for all, with good atmosphere, music, and good food. I believe there is no asking for more. Of course, be attentive to:
  • The reception: Decide how they are going to arrive, what awaits them, how you are going to break the ice, in short, how to welcome them. If your thing is to welcome with music, you know.
  • Let nothing be missing: From the signage of the bathroom to napkins and litter bins. Nothing should be left to chance and you should make the guests feel as comfortable as possible with the help of stone foot, store which has everything.
  • And enjoy: While you take pictures, make videos, make direct, etc.
POST The final part, which is not paid attention but is very important. Do not forget about:
  • Give thanks to the people who came and souvenir.
  • Communicate through social networks. Show with photographs and videos how well you have spent it. People love being labeled at parties.
Welcome pack When the guests arrive at the carnival party, it will be a good idea to receive a welcome bag full of carnival items such as masks, streamers, whistles, colored necklaces, glasses, etc. Music and animation Another important aspect that you can not miss is music. Have a list of animated songs and the type that your guests may like best. It would also be a good option to have a list of funny songs that everyone sings to laugh for a while. Depending on your budget, hiring a good DJ is always a good idea and many times when hiring you also offer the possibility of animation activities. If what you want is something simpler, you can to organize activities of animation, you can think of karaoke, or group dance dynamics, letters, etc.

Wonderful Laptops under $300 You Can Get

When it comes to gaming laptops, you have lots of options to choose from. Most gaming laptops are expensive which is why people are resorting to normal laptops as gaming laptop substitute. Using normal laptops as gaming laptops is accompanied with lots of problems and you may not enjoy your gaming experience as you would on a typical gaming laptop. As most gaming laptops are expensive, you may be wondering what laptop is affordable for you so below are some of the most affordable and satisfying good gaming laptops under 300 you can get. HP Elite-book 8470p 14.1-inch This is a wonderful laptop that was released in 2013 and since then, it has been used as a normal laptop until recently when it was refurbished and brought to the market. It comes with a Core i5 processor, RAM 8GB and Intel HD Graphics 4000. This means you will enjoy an excellent computer performance and vivid graphics making you to enjoy every game that you play. To increase its speed further, it comes with a 128 SSD and you can insert your USB cables to transfer data because it comes with 3.0 USB ports which transfer data from laptop quickly, more than you can imagine. The major cons of this laptop is that it is heavy and does not contain sufficient hard drive so you will be forced to buy a new hard drive that will help you to store your extra files. Make sure you store limited amount of data on your laptop if you don’t want it to hang when you are playing games on your laptop. HP 15-BA009DX 15.6-inch With a stylish shape that resembles like its counterparts of Omen like laptops, you may think it costs thousands of dollars. HP broke its normal protocol of empowering laptops with Intel Celeron or Intel Pentium and decided to empower this laptop with an AMD Quad-Core A6-7310. The graphics are therefore from Beema architecture known as the AMD Radeon R4 GPU. With such a budget, you will still enjoy spectacular graphics and enhanced game performance because this is truly designed for casual gamers who want to uphold their tittles at any moment. For games such as Warcraft III, Age of Empires II and Command and Conquer Generals, you can be sure to enjoy excellent outcomes because the laptop is truly a game changer. With a RAM of 4GB, you may consider limiting your multiple tasks to a number that your laptop can handle appropriately so you need to make sure you go slowly with it. Track pad is also not that responsive so you need to make sure you use a mouse for your computer operations. Lenovo IdeaPad 320 80XR00AGUS 15.6-inch This is a modern but basic gaming laptop for mid-level gamers who may not need lots of features when playing games. It is powered with Intel Graphics and 4GB RAM. This means if you open multiple pages on your laptop, it will hang but if you only play games, it will work perfectly without delay or any kind of slow performance. Its RAM is however expandable and you can expand it to 12 GB to make you enjoy a wonderful laptop performance. If you don’t expand, you will need to make sure you only run one performance at a time. The laptop has a hard drive of one terabyte so you can add as many files as you want but consider your RAM. The laptop does not also contain SSD so its performance speed is always slow compared to the professional gaming laptops that many people buy for themselves. Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15 15.6-inch For games like Warcraft 3, Command & Conquer Generals, Counter Strike and World of Warcraft, this is a perfect entry level laptop that you can always enjoy using. It comes with a 15.6 inch screen display. With a low lever processor of A6-7310 Quad-Core processor and 4GB of RAM, its performance is truly pleasing for basic gamers who will not need lots of features. Hard drive is 500 GB and pixels are 1366 X 768 so you can enjoy vivid images as you play games every now and then. You need to make sure you expand RAM if you will be playing extreme games that require a lot of advanced systems. ASUS Vivo-Book X540SA BPD0602V 15.6-inch This is a very light laptop that you can carry anywhere you want. It comes with a display of 15.6 inch so you will enjoy a cinematic view as you play games. Its RAM of 4GB is wonderful because you can play games alone and enjoy a wonderful performance of the games at all times. If you want professional gaming laptops, you need to buy a more improvised one so that you enjoy an excellent performance because this one is for those whom their budget cannot allow and want to enjoy an excellent gaming experience. Good gaming laptops under 300 may appear local and simple but they can get the job done. Most of them have a bulk design with a lot of weight but they are better off for gaming compared to the new designs that are not designed for gaming. You need to make sure you always look at the one and have it tested with all games you would like to play so that you approve its efficiency before you pay for it and buy. Having necessary accessories also improve your laptop functioning.

What to expect in a rack inspection

For any industry or an organization with a racking system, it is very essential if the industrial racking system gets inspected or checked regularly. This is also recommended especially when you are operating or handling mechanical equipment. The racking system can be an excellent storage option only if they are correctly installed and when they are not damaged. In cases where there was no proper installation or damages, the racking system can become a source of danger to the employees and even the manager at large. Every business that values the health of the employees and their safety should always do a regular inspection to curb any damages or injuries that can be caused by the racking system in the future. The inspection is also essential when it comes to spot or notice poor inspections in the working place. Below are some of the racking inspection guidelines What you should check When doing rack inspection, make sure that the person doing the inspection is not among your employees. This will be very helpful especially when it comes to sporting significant things that could not have been noticed by the people who are used to the industrial racking. You should always consider hiring a professional rack inspector to handle the task. After the inspection is finished, you should also check by yourself just to make sure that everything is in place. To start with, you must make sure that the level and the plumb is correctly inspected. The problem with plumb and leveling comes in due to poor installation of the racking system. If the racking system is not configured well, it can be very dangerous especially to the employees or even to yourself. As a person doing rack inspection, if you notice that the racks are crooked or the rows are out of alignment, make sure to mark the area red. The red mark or flag simply means that the racking system is not in good condition and offloading is, therefore, needed. The second thing to look for is any signs of corrosion or rust. Rusting might seem insignificant but it is a very sensitive thing when it comes to racking system. When you discover that the racks are corroded, that might be a sign that the racks are weak. Weak metal should never be entertained in any racking system as it might be a source of accidents and injuries. The third thing that you should always be extra keen with is the kind of loads in the racks. We should put in mind that, many racking systems in organizations fail because of overloading the racks. When inspecting overload, the person should always make sure to get it right. This is because, if not addressed on time, it can be a source of damages, injuries and a mess in the organization. As the manager, you should always make sure to check the capacity of the items to be placed in different racks. For example, if the racks are old, you must consider lighter items rather than overloading the racks. You must know the rating of your racks before you store your goods or items. The supplier of the racking system should advise on that. Check to see if there is any bending on the racking system. Bending of the rack system can be very distractive. You might end up losing items, through damages such as breakages. It is very vital that the person inspecting the rack gets it right to avoid such catastrophic instances. To manage this, you should make sure to check the horizontal braces. This will clearly show you if there is any bending or any kind of twisting. If your racking system has the footplates, check clearly to see if they are correctly attached to the floor. If the column protectors seem to be damaged, you must take immediate action. Check for any deflection. You should check the beams to make sure that there is no deflection. A certain amount of deflection is acceptable but there can be a worse type of deflection that can cause problems. If you offload the goods or items and the deflection does not disappear, it can be a sign that there are damages to the beam. Therefore, it should be inspected very well to make sure that everything is back to the normal way. Make sure that the bolts or the safety pins are intact. The bolts are usually some kind of connectors that help in making the rack firm. If they are not firm, they might end up falling or causing fatalities. When inspecting, also make sure that all the connectors used are not damaged in any way. You can also check very well just to make sure that they are secure. That way, you will ensure that your workers stay safe. Conclusion There are so many things that one can check when inspecting a racking system of an organization. The checklist is too long to ensure that employees stay safe. After the inspection is done, make sure that all the things that need to be rectified are documented and action was taken afterwards. If an inspection is done and no action is taken, it might also mean that there is still no safety measures at the business. To curb any accidents, do not assume the inspection findings. Make sure that you have taken action and all the damages corrected.

Best Books On Greek Mythology

Bulfinch’s mythology: the age of fable or stories of gods and heroes

This classic best-selling novel is a collection of legends, myths, and stories from mainly three eras: Greek and Roman mythology, legends of King Arthur and medieval times. The book depicts and explains literature about various gods and goddesses and profound depth about the creation of humankind and gods.


It is an excellent book for beginners to apprehend the heritage of Greece and its tales and stories. The book narrates how the world came to being, heroes of the Trojan War, the twelve Olympians and other brief Norse myths which include the introduction of deities such as Thor, Loki, and Odin.

The Iliad

 Considered as one of the oldest western pieces of literature to date, the Iliad is a must read for adults who already have a basic idea of Greek mythology. Homer narrates a poem about the storyline of the Trojan War and everything that had happened during that period in the city of Troy. The book is followed up with a compelling sequel, the Odyssey.

The Odyssey

Odyssey revolves around Odysseus’s ten-year struggle to journey home after his experiences in the Trojan War. In the book, he faces the wrath of gods, defeats mystical creatures while his wife Penelope fends off the throne with her son until her husband returns.


The term “Theogony” literally means the lineage or birth of gods. Hesiod through his poem entails the details of the origins of how the Gods and universe came to be.


Apollonius Rhodius had written this epic Greek poem in the late third century BCE. The book entails thrilling action, fighting, adventure and revolves around Gods. It narrates the journey of Jason along with the Argonauts in their attempt to retrieve the Golden Fleece from the hands of the Colchis.

The Library of Greek Mythology

The book narrates nearly every detail about Greek mythology all the way from the origin of the universe to the Trojan War and is an excellent choice for young adults to learn everything there is to know.

The Greek Myths

Regarded as a treasure of Greek mythology, the Greek Myths was written in 1955. This timeless classic is perfect for those who want to get acquainted with Greek mythology as it narrates everything from the creation of the universe out of chaos, the birth of the twelve Olympians, incidents of the Trojan War and Odysseus’s return after his struggles.

The lightning thief

Favorite among young adults, the Percy Jackson novel series is based on Greek mythology with a few modern twists. It narrates the story of how a twelve-year-old boy stops Gods from going to war by retrieving the stolen lightning bolt of Zeus.