To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice. Investment in travel is investment in self promotion. It lightens up the mood and helps to overcome any tough situation of life. One has to use even the tiniest chance to pack their bags and take a break as some things happen only once. Travelling always opens up the heart, broadens the mind and fills the life with stories. The most important thing in life is to be happy!

To make life enriched with happiness, one has to travel to the best place. Here are some tips to select the best place when one plans a trip with her girls gang.

Rio de Janerio

The city is hugged by thick forest. The beaches have fine golden sands that are rare and also open air bars at night. The beaches have continuous waves all 365 days of the year which makes it ideal for surfing. If one likes to party, they should not miss the unbeatable Samba night life here.

Travellers can definitely catch the remarkable view of the Christ, The Redeemer at the top of Sugarloaf Mountains.

Mount Roraima

It is a tabletop mountain at an elevation of 2,810 metres. It is the place where the borders of Brazil and Guyana meet Venezuela. However, one can climb the mountain only from Venezuela. It is known for its Canaima National park which has geologic information that is 2 billion years old. It rains every day in the mountain. So prepare accordingly if there is plan of trekking. The plateau is also home to very rare species of plants in the world. To plan a trip to Mount Roraima visit ct website.

Merida Cable car

Merida Cable car in Venezuela is the world’s longest cable car. It is called the Teleferico. It is almost 12 km long and is more than 4700 metres high. It is definitely a thrilling experience to just watch the trenches at such great height with higher mountains standing all sides. The car makes stops for the visitors to get down in the middle for trekking and simply to get mesmerised with the view. December to February is the best time to ride as there is less fog.


Choroni is the best Caribbean beaches in Venezuela. The town sits on waters with the most beautiful colonial houses. One can hire a boat to enjoy the greenery and the old houses. The place is filled with birds, plants and cloudy forests. The Henri Pittier ANtional Park offers trekking for the visitors to enjoy the greenery.


It is very close to the Rio city. It is full of luxury hotels and spa. There are about 20 beaches. The beaches are good spots for snorkelling, surfing and swimming. The night life of Buzlos should never be missed. There are bars with great and loud music on the beaches. The place is best suited for activities and relaxation.

Ambergris Caye, Brazil

The temperature here is comparatively high reaching 80 degree Fahrenheit. However, it is worth to just admire the beautiful blue Caribbean waters with a cocktail in hand to beat the heat. Activities like sailing, diving, windsurfing, fishing, diving is common. The sea is calm with fewer waves. Seafood here is a must to try. There are many resorts on the beaches. They offer good massage on the beach side.

Sao Paulo of Brazil

It is the largest city of Brazil. It is filled with skyscrapers. The city has largest Japan community living here. The Sao Paulo Cathedral is one of the largest churches of the world. It can accommodate more than 80,000 people. Apart from churches the city has football museum, art galleries and boasts the rich culture of America. It is well suited for a group that has love for art and culture.

Stuff the gift of eyes with the wonders on the earth, live as if death is 10 seconds away, the world is fantastic than any dream made.

Los Rosques

It is a national park in Venezuela and the largest in the Caribbean sea. It was created in 1972. The most untouched coral reefs add to the beauty of the park. The corals are of various colours from bluish green to blue and many more. The water is clear. The sand is white in colour which crowns the beaches with bequest of splendour. The place is ideal for sailing, fishing, diving, and snorkelling.

Angel Falls

The magnanimous Angel falls of Venezuela is the highest falls in the world. It is 978 metres tall. It is locates on the Gauja river. The falls was first called the Kerepakupai Vena, the “fall from the highest point”. Later it was renamed as Angel falls to honour the aviator Jimmie Angel who was the first to fly over the falls.

Los Llanos

It is a vast grassland between Venezuela and Colombia. The Orinoco River runs through the grassland bordering the 2 countries. It floods during the rainy season which is May to October. Therefore it is not advisable to plan a trekking trip during these months. However during this season, it turns into a birdwatcher’s paradise. Besides crocodiles, the grasslands also have anacondas, jaguars and caimans. To learn more and plan a trip visit ct website.

Isla Margarita

It is the largest island in the northern coast of Venezuela. There are around 50 beaches. Kite – surfing is one of the most popular activities here. As the port here is duty free the place is always crowded by the citizens from various parts of the country.