Gastronomic parties are the ones with the highest acceptance and recognition rate. Why? Well, because an ancestral need satisfies us, although we have developed a lot, eating, we still like everyone, ABOVE anything so, if there is food in the middle, we already have media. What is left now? Well, the steps to follow, for these events you must have 3 very different phases. Pre-During-Post EVENT. There are lots of people who are looking to give unique gifts and are looking for some good options, basically a store which can really give them a good time. Also, give them all this at a very good price and one such god store is a stone foot. This is something that is very popular and has everything which one may need to do a party. There are many stores but they may not be in your budget and if that is the case then you need something which is giving good pricing and quick delivery. At times you need thing quickly to organize a party and this store also has all the gifts too.


This is the beginning. If correct planning is not achieved, the following steps cannot be executed well. It is a very important thing that you plan the party well and once that is done, then things are much easier and that will make things much simpler.

Keep this in mind that birthday is something that is really important in one’s life and one needs to make it special and how that can happen, it can happen with good planning and that can make things very special for the person. One good store like a stone foot can really give you a very good time making use of this. This store has got lots of offers going on and that can give you very good pricing and has so much variety and that you can get for a very good price from the comfort of your home. Also, all this comes at a value for money and that makes is a good choice.

  • The type of gastronomic event: If you want to know what type there is, I propose several ways to celebrate a gastronomic party to give more pleasure to the guests. The type of food and dishes to choose (choose the food of a country), or you can make combinations of gastronomy, this is called gastronomic route or gastronomic tour. You can really have a good time by having a unique party which will be with very good gifting options in terms of return gift and also a gift which is for the person whose birthday is going to be there and there is a good store called stone foot..
  • The localization: If you are going to do it in your place, or at your house. Well, the location also depends on your budget and based on your budget you can go in for something. One good store can let you get all the material for a good price is a stone foot. This is one of the best stores you can find online and will give you a very good price.
  • The dates and times: You must be a strategist here because it is very important that it does not coincide with large celebrations so as not to lose the target audience. This is something one needs to keep in mind if they want good attendance and should be planned well.
  • The target audience: Determine who to invite, who you want to reach with this event, and begin to determine ranges of age, gender, tastes, preferences, etc.
  • Establish goals: Do not do things to do, it is important to know what party to do, how much you are going to invest, etc.
  • Start to communicate now: When you have the place and the dates you must fire the communication. Establish what are the communication channels, and work them while the event takes shape.
  •  Leave room for unforeseen events: An event will always have unforeseen events. So do an exercise and get ahead. For example, if it is an American style barbecue, do not forget to give some vegetarian/vegan option for those who do not eat meat. They all have a place in your event, and you will also look great.


This is where you must give everything. Present for all, with good atmosphere, music, and good food. I believe there is no asking for more.

Of course, be attentive to:

  • The reception: Decide how they are going to arrive, what awaits them, how you are going to break the ice, in short, how to welcome them. If your thing is to welcome with music, you know.
  • Let nothing be missing: From the signage of the bathroom to napkins and litter bins. Nothing should be left to chance and you should make the guests feel as comfortable as possible with the help of stone foot, store which has everything.
  • And enjoy: While you take pictures, make videos, make direct, etc.


The final part, which is not paid attention but is very important.

Do not forget about:

  • Give thanks to the people who came and souvenir.
  • Communicate through social networks. Show with photographs and videos how well you have spent it. People love being labeled at parties.

Welcome pack

When the guests arrive at the carnival party, it will be a good idea to receive a welcome bag full of carnival items such as masks, streamers, whistles, colored necklaces, glasses, etc.

Music and animation

Another important aspect that you can not miss is music. Have a list of animated songs and the type that your guests may like best. It would also be a good option to have a list of funny songs that everyone sings to laugh for a while. Depending on your budget, hiring a good DJ is always a good idea and many times when hiring you also offer the possibility of animation activities. If what you want is something simpler, you can to organize activities of animation, you can think of karaoke, or group dance dynamics, letters, etc.