Before you purchase kratom, you will need to get more info on and know things to consider. The extracts from kratom leaves can be used in alternative medicine for the treatment of pain which is chronic plus other conditions. There are also people who use kratom to be able to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Although there are those who claim that there are certain strains of kratom, able to alleviate symptoms, there is a need for more research on these. When wanting more info on concerning kratom, you will come to learn that, FDA has not approved it for usage to treat anxiety and depression. Mostly, it is considered a dietary supplement. So if you are thinking of using it to treat anxiety or depression symptoms, then you have to use it cautiously.

Read on to learn what questions and answers you need to know before buying kratom, its potential risks, and benefits.

How does it work for anxiety and depression?

  • Technically, kratom is not an opioid but has the same effect which is similar to those in opioids such as codeine and morphine.
  • The ingredient which is active in kratom is mitragynine which binds to opioid receptors found in the brain and in the process, relieve pain.
  • This could be the action which is behind anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects which are reported by some users of kratom.
  • There is little research to back this out and also the effect of kratom on moods
  • Some reviews show that there are users who claim to have enhanced their moods and gotten rid of anxiety by using kratom.
  • According to researches carried out, kratom can be used as a sedative. It is not yet clear whether sedation effects of the kratomcan interfere with the purported pros.

What are the purported benefits of kratom?

Apart from being claimed by reviews that it helps in clearing anxiety and depression, kratom is believed to treat the following:

  • Diarrhea
  • Pain
  • Post-trauma stress disorder
  • Muscle aches
  • Opioid addiction and withdrawal
  • High blood pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite suppressor
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immune-enhancing properties

What is Kratom?

This is a tree which is found in southeast parts of Asia which include Malaysia and Thailand. Its active ingredient is mitragynine which is available in its leaves. When used in lower doses, the ingredient has energizing effects. When utilized in dosages which are higher, then it will act as a sedative. Other names given to kratom include:

  • Thang
  • Biak
  • Thon
  • Kakum/kakuam
  • Ketum

There are many countries around the world where kratom is illegal including Thailand, Australia, and Denmark. Although in the USA kratom is legal, there have been efforts to limit its availability and at the same time, for the substance to be regulated.

Is it safe to ingest kratom, and how is it used?

Kratom can easily be ingested in various forms which include:

  • Gums
  • Extracts
  • Capsules
  • Tinctures
  • Tablets

In some instances, some users just chew the raw leaves dried or fresh or they boil it and take it as a type of tea. It is also possible to dry the leaves and then ground them into a powder and ingest it. You can vaporize or smoke kratom though this is a method which is rarely used. The effect of the kratom in your system might be affected by the way you ingest it. At the moment, there are no researches which have identified the best method to treat anxiety and depression using kratom.

Is Kratom available in different strains?

The various types of kratom are referred to as strains. Most of the strains available derive their names from their place of origin. Each strain has its own effects on the user. At the moment, there is no research which has been done on the various types of kratom. Based on anecdotal reports, the following are some of the descriptions of the available strains of kratom in the market.

  • Maeng da: They are purported to be the long lasting and strong types of kratom. Its origin is believed to be in Thailand but you will be able to get the Malaysian and Indonesian Maeng da in the market. It can be white, red or green in color. It is believed to act as a stimulant which increases energy while at the same time, inducing a feeling of reducing pain and well-being. There are those who report that they feel like talking a lot after using maeng da.
  • Indo: It comes from Indonesia and it is in white, red, and green colors. It is considered to be less stimulating than the other strains even though some type of strain is known to have a mild energizing effect. They are strains which are known for relieving pain, increasing relaxation, and promoting a feeling of well-being. They are believed to help with anxiety.
  • Bali/red vein: It originates from Indonesia and normally red in color. It is believed to offer pain relieving effect. Those who have used it say it is the strain which is more opioid-like among the rest. It could help in relieving pain in cases of chronic pain or depression.
  • Green Malay: It is a strain which comes from Malaysia and dark green in color. When consumed in low dosages, it is believed to provide energy and focus as well as relieve pain. In high dosages, it is believed to be more of a sedative. It is believed to help with anxiety.